"Those seeking further ritual dissolution of the mind should seek out the incredible 'official debut' by Belgium's free-form snot-gobblers Silvester Anfang, who call their music 'funeral folk' (see www.funeralfolk.be) and take their name from the German new year. Across two hugely epic tracks, these lunatics' demented psychedelick hogwash of chorale vocals, free-form lead guitar, eerie minor-chord organ and Nadja-style drum decay conjures up comparisons with modern masters such as Death Comes Along and Shiva's Tongue, as well as evoking the 'committing-a-body-to-a-Danish-bog' Iron Age rituals of very early T. Dream, Le Stelle di Mario Schifano, and YETI-period Amon Duul 2. I'm convinced the chick licking the skull on the album cover is intended as a faithful visual representation of what's taking place within the album's micro-grooves. Released on the excellent Aurora Bourealis label, would it be too disappointing to admit that this is also superb music for exercising to?"

- JULIAN COPE (Head Heritage)

"The Flanders-based Funeral Folk collective convene to become occult drone rock band Sylvester Anfang, a self-proclaimed 'Pagan Belgopsych' group featuring a line-up that boasts a member named Ignatius Van Kempenhof. They almost certainly get involved in live role playing games too, but all you really need to know about this record is that it's the group's debut album and it's a rollicking good listen. Across two lengthy pieces the band align themselves with the more far-out tendencies of Acid Mothers Temple or perhaps even Sunburned Hand Of The Man unshackled from their more Woodstock-oriented tendencies. In amongst all the shifting textures and sinister wailing sounds you'll hear a jumble of campfire percussion and the kind of organ playing you might last have heard on an Italian horror movie soundtrack. Oddly, there's a bit of a devotional, trance-inducing quality to this music, and you most certainly wouldn't want to accept a glass of grape flavoured Kool-Aid from them, but this album is well worth donning a robe for." - BOOMKAT

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