Villains draws its influence from the grizzled pathos of their home, New York City: The huddled homeless crazies; the oblivious alcoholics tracing their steps through the piss-soaked alleys; the relentless march of time marked by trains, buses and cabs. This everyday mania empowers the screams, cries and sardonic laughter of Villains. Behold as their musically carnivorous thrash hatred is unharnessed, slashing wildly against the defeatist.

Their debut full length, Drenched In The Poisons conjures up the danger and proud unholy spirit of early metal and acid punk. A vomitous fornication unto the whiskey whores and foul souls passing out in the dark. These eight aural lashes come at the listener criminally intoxicated and definitely not nice. Live on stage, the quintet is aggressive, physical and dangerous.

Witchwhipper recorded our debut 7inch, Rampage and Ruin, and promptly joined on drums. After recording our debut LP, Drenched In the Poisons, Nightstriker joined on bass. Past and present members include : Spaceboy, Hemlock, Ceremonium, The Champs, Unearthly Trance. Villains have played live on stage with : Destroyer 666, Midnight, Inquisition, Mortem, Unearthly Trance, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Pungent Stench, Bible of the Devil, Khanate, Easy Action, Municipal Waste, etc.

Desecrator : Vocals
Killusion : Guitar, Vocals
Teeth : Guitar
Witchwhipper: Drums
Nightstriker : Bass
The debut album from VILLAINS "drenched in the poisons", unleashed on CD from Aurora Borealis, Feb 12th 2007.

Aurora Borealis is distributed by Southern Records in Europe and the USA.

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