WORMSBLOOD "In The Stars" coloured vinyl LP limited to 333 copies, out Feb 23rd 2009.
Amazing, horrifying and hectic, this album is one of the most extreme releases ever to see moonlight here at AB and is sure to be controversial.

Hailing from grim Wisconsin, WORMSBLOOD have honed their craft since 2002 on solstice and eclipse. They create "BLOOD SORCERY = Progressive Blackened Stenchcore". "In the stars" is a tumultous sonic cauldron overflowing with elements of true metal, noise, black metal, field recordings, free folk and eye of newt. Littered with occult references and clearly a work of some intelligence, "In the stars" baffles the listener as it drags them through the bleak Oshkosh woods in a lysergic Wild Hunt: from the ritual / field recording sounds of primitive percussion and the united voices of animal and man that give way to epic riffing and the deranged vocals of opener "Thundercall", its clear that these kids didn't have a lot of friends at school.

Sabbath-esque riffs, putrid thrashing, animal howls, primitive blast beats, cheap keyboards, broken throat vocals, necro production, guitar solos, abyssic noise, and a theatrical sensibility for the epic make WORMSBLOOD defy attempts to pigeon hole. Nay, they take the pigeon, sacrifice it on a primitive wooden altar to the spirits unknown and stuff the corpse in your hole. "Outsider Black Metal" seems to be the best match, but "In the stars" is so much more.

Cover art by the esteemed Mr G. Lansard.

wormsblood on Myspace.

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